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I missed my Carb Nite day! What do I do?! Do I wait until my next Carb Nite or can I do it tomorrow? How important is the time table?!
Last Updated 7 years ago

If you missed your Carb Nite, do it immediately the next night.  Carb Nites are essential in making the program work.  It is important to stick to the 6 days of ultra low carb nutrition between each Carb Nite especially if your goal is to lose bodyfat.  Plan your Carb Nites and do them with gusto.  If you slip or there is an important occasion you simply cannot avoid, make that a full on Carb Nite and wait the 6 days before having another one.  As you get leaner (especially at less than 10% bodyfat for men and 15% for women) you can have more flexibility with the time in between Carb Nites as shorter ULC periods are needed.  However, in such cases, 4 is the minimum. 

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