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Difference between CarbBackloading & CarbNite?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Carb Back-Loading revolves around heavy resistance training (in fact, requires it), while Carb Nite requires no exercise whatsoever.

Both diets are set up around cycling carbohydrates at specific times of day and specific days of the week. On CBL (Carb Back-Loading) you'll eat carbs on evenings after you work out, while on Carb Nite, you eat high-carb meals all on a single day per week.

The goals of CBL and Carb Nite are a bit different, but both result in fat loss while allowing some muscle building.  Carb Back-Loading is for those whose top priority is strength but also want to look really good, while Carb Nite is for those whose top priority is fat loss.

Hope that helps!

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